Camo is a Sydney based street artist. He started tagging buses when he was about 14 and now he mainly creates street art with stencils. He enjoys painting outdoors to add colour to the streets. He likes the idea of making someone smile on their walk to work. For the #NotACrime Campaign, Camo painted a pile of books chained together to depict how knowledge is locked out of reach of Baha'i students. 

The top book has the acronym 'BIHE' which stands for Baha'i Institute of Higher Education, the underground organisation comprised of professors and students who conduct their lectures in peoples' homes, usually over Skype. Next to the books is a disheartened youth staring at the ground.

Location: Applebee street St. Peter's

Krimsone and Scott Nagy teamed up to create this colourful piece for the #NotACrime campaign. Krimsone is a Sydney based artist that practices in fine art as well as street art. With qualifications in printmaking and lots of experience with aerosol his work mixes high and lowbrow art together.

Scott Nagy's style shines through with his attention to detail and more surreal scenes and is combined with Krimsone's love of animals and vivid colour schemes. Their mural depicts that of the Persian national bird, the nightingale, it takes flight aided with study tools to push its momentum upwards and away. The grey strings of the government trap its wings and try to prevent its take off, impeding the right of education the national bird, and the people are unable to fly and soar.

Location: Newtown, behind Lentil as Anything

   The Australian duo Krimsone & Scott Nagy's latest mural on Bondi Beach.

The Australian duo Krimsone & Scott Nagy's latest mural on Bondi Beach.

a collaboration with street art murals australia (SAMA)