Artists kennardphillipps are renowned for addressing social and political issues in their work and are known for the acclaimed image of Tony Blair’s ‘selfie’ Photo Op. In a statement released by the duo they explain:
'The repression of Baha’is in Iran has come to our attention through this project. Highlighting injustices around the world is central to what we do in our work. We hope this huge image in London will encourage people to look at this issue of persecution.'

Location: Holywell Lane, Shoreditch (artwork is no longer on display).


Previously, Dave the Chimp created a playful mural at the Village Underground street art wall on Holywell Lane in Shoreditch. The British artist and illustrator based in Berlin painted his depiction of human “beans” parading placards with positive slogans as a major contribution to the #NotACrime campaign focusing specifically on the persecution of Iran’s Baha’i religious minority.

Dave the Chimp’s work mixes cute and childlike styling with political messages. He began painting at least ten years ago and is influenced by skateboard culture and the urban landscape. His work can be identified by his positive messages and has appeared on the streets, in galleries and in publication across Europe.